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Promotional Materials

This page has promotional materials to help you plan and prepare for your stay at Sandy Cove.

  Feel free to download, print, email, and distribute however you please.

Click on the item you want, save it to your computer, then email or print as needed. The Word documents are customizable. Just enter your own event information where indicated.


  Sandy Cove Logos

  Dietary Restrictions

Ask your group members with dietary restrictions to fill out our online dietary restriction form or mail in a hard copy.

  Print Material Templates

These are customizable Word documents. Just enter your own retreat information where indicated.

  Options For Group Leaders


  • Sandy-Cove-Aerial-View-High-Resolution.jpg
    Aerial High Resolution for Print
  • Sandy-Cove-Aerial-View-Low-Resolution.jpg
    Aerial Low Resolution for Web
  • Adirondack-Chairs.jpg
    Adirondack Chairs
  • Couple-sunset.jpg
    Couple Sundset
  • Devotions-on-the-Greens.jpg
    Devotions on the Green
  • Gazebo.jpg
  • Lighthouse.jpg
  • Pier-Sunset.jpg
    Pier Sunset
  • Lodge-from-Pier.jpg
    Lodge from Pier
  • Pier.jpg
  • Sandy-Cove-at-Night.jpg
    Sandy Cove at Night
  • Sandy-Cove-from-the-Water.jpg
    Sandy Cove from the Water
  • Silhouette.jpg
  • Sunset.jpg
  • Sunset-2.jpg
    Sunset 2
  • Sunset-from-the-Foyer.jpg
    Sunset from the Foyer
  • Sunset-at-Marina.jpg
    Sunset at Marina
  • View-from-End-of-Pier.jpg
    View from End of Pier
  • Sunset-over-the-Lighthouse.jpg
  • Woman-Praying.jpg
    Woman Praying
  • woman-praying_1.jpg
    Woman Praying
  • Winter-on-the-Bay.jpg